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Follow Our Restoration Progress at 911 Sportscars

Follow our restoration progress @ 911 Sportscars!

At 911 Sportscars, we only use genuine parts and products for our restoration projects. We source NOS parts, salvageable used parts that need restoration, and “exceptional condition” used parts that need nothing when building our cars. The exterior work on our cars is professionally completed by ASE certified techs who understand high dollar, vintage cars.

When painting Porsches, we use BASF Glasurit paint products. Generally, we use the base / clear method however at times we will paint a car in Glasurit single stage paint to attain the authentic, time period correct, construction.

Below, please enjoy the detailed pictures of fine vintage and exotic cars that are currently under restoration. What a great way to see the different stages these fine cars go through as the reach perfection!